Enhancing activity and persistence of CAR T-cells

Our mission is to revolutionize cancer treatment by creating a durable and curative therapy with our innovative platform



CAR T-Cell Persistence

Addressing a critical challenge in CAR T-cell therapy, our focus is on overcoming the hurdle of long-term persistence, particularly evident in blood cancers like Multiple Myeloma, Lymphomas, and Leukemia. Patients undergoing CAR T-cell therapy face challenges related to the limited persistence of CAR T-cells, resulting in compromised efficacy and increased risks of primary resistance and relapse.


Our Solution: CAR-Enhancer

Our solution, the CAR-Enhancer platform, introduces a paradigm shift in CAR T-cell therapy. Developed to drive CAR T-cells toward the generation of memory CAR cells, CAR-Enhancer utilizes a protein-driven mechanism without the need for specific engineering steps on CAR T-cells. This universal approach ensures compatibility with all CAR T-cells, significantly expanding the therapeutic landscape. With promising preclinical results, our platform has the potential to revolutionize CAR T-cell therapy, saving lives and advancing the field.